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Spectrum Series by Future Sonics in-ear type universal fit professional personal monitors
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Studio Reference and low profile for virtual performances!

You can order direct or from one of our authorized Future Sonics dealers

With More Than 30 Years as The Innovators of The Original Ear Monitors® brand, Future Sonics Introduces The Next Generation of Professional Personal Monitors


"The G10's really put a smile on my face..." 
- Frank Wells, Pro Sound News


"I was definitely wowed by the sound quality..."

- JJ Jenkins, Front of House


"Bassy done right..."

- Headphonia


"The G10's are one of the best, if not the best in the world..."
- TotallyDubbed


Reduced Microphonics

Braided cabling and tubular strain relief

Best Sound First

Incredibly smooth, natural, rich audio

Fitting Options

EarFills™, ComfortFit™ and custom SofterWear™ (optional) for your best fit

Bigger Sound at Lower Volume®

The full response of your audio with less need to use excessive volume

Ergonomic Design

Left and right thumb placement guides

100% Armature-Free

Proprietary Future Sonics dynamic voice coil technologies for 18Hz - 20,000Hz response

Legendary audio quality from the original innovator of Ear Monitors®, Marty Garcia 


"Future Sonics Spectrum Series G10 has a unique voice coil and dynamic transducer technologies that offer a smooth, natural, high-definition audio signature - one that structurally moisture resistant, always in phase, and with energy that you can FEEL."
- Marty Garcia, Founder and President of Future Sonics


Acknowledged pioneer of professional personal monitors and member of the NAMM Technology Hall of Fame.

For everything you want to hear, your best sound is always from your Spectrum Series™ professional personal monitors in your ears.

Unrivaled natural, deep, rich, detailed sound that's perfect for all applications, including:

  • Vocals

  • Guitars

  • Drums

  • Bass

  • Keyboards & Piano

  • Strings

  • Horns & Saxophones

  • IFB & Communication

  • Working Out

  • Just listening to your favorite music...

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