CUstomer Reviews

"Sounds amazing and are very comfortable in your ears."

5 Stars

Patrick, West Palm Beach, FL


"Quality headphones that help block out the world."

5 Stars

Jeanie, Trafford, PA


"Sounds amazing and are very comfortable in your ears."

5 Stars

Scott Jacobs, San Marcos, CA


"Every time I've seen someone try G10's the reaction is the same - eyes open wide and they say 'Wow!'

5 Stars

Allen Roth, Boiling Springs, PA


"I can turn the volume level down and still hear the full spectrum of sound clearly."

5 Stars

Brendan Mattingly, Rockville, MD


"These are hands-down the best earphones I have ever used! They sound fantastic, with superb bass response and a very natural high-end that will not fatique your ears even after hours of constant use. They are rugged and able to withstand the kind of abuse earphone get when they go everywhere with you, night and day."

5 Stars

Steven McCale

Oak Grove, MO


"It wasn't like i was listening to my band, but experiencing them. The combination of feel and sound is remarkable for non-custom IEMs."

5 Stars

John Maguire, Worship Pastor

Journey Church

West Palm Beach, FL


"As with all FSI products the G10's are very natural sounding. You are not hearing to the product you're listening to the material."

5 Stars

Larry Zinn

New York, NY


"The Spectrum G-10 makes the music sound the way it's supposed to. They produce a sound which is clear, powerful and yet very familiar."

5 Stars

Bill Szocska

Sound Image

Nashville, TN


"Great, sharp style and design. I'm not an audiophile but I know what I like and what I don't like... What I hear from the G10s is clean, punchy and has the perfect bass."

5 Stars


Philadelphia, PA


"Incredible soundstage, clean highs without being brittle so hi hats are very natural sounding. Very natural sounding with all instruments and vocals. Fit great with the silicon plugs provided."

5 Stars


Simi Valley, CA

"These Future Sonics earphones are incomparably superior to any other I’ve used. I’m hard of hearing. I’ve spent a lot in search of good sound reproduction. These G10’s deliver the best. Bass seems easy. But for me to experience the highs these G10’s deliver is beyond merely remarkable. The G10’s also look built to sustain neglect and abuse, and they do. The unique cord is as innovative as it is durable and functional. The earpieces designed like no other, fit totally tight and can be worn forever without the slightest trace of discomfort. I’ve worn no other earphones since getting these a few months ago. I’d recommend them to anyone and personally don’t foresee ever using a different system. Thank you Future Sonics for an outstanding product that greatly enhances the music in my life."

5 Stars


Buffalo Chip, SD


"Realistic soundstage, accurate across the range. It is the most like being in the room I have heard compared to over the ear phones and armature based customs I've tried. A few times I've even heard a background noise on the recording and actually thought it came from inside my room. Regarding the response, you hear the source. Coming from an engineering background, I prefer a flat, accurate and natural response; these do the job for me. I never realized how overly forward or clinical my armatures are until I tried these."

5 Stars

Ethan Hall

Dallas, TX


"I have performed in hundreds of live music situations over the past 30 years. These monitors are very well balanced and would be an asset in those situations. The low end is warm and not too boomy, and the upper end is not too bright. They are comfortable to wear and well designed. I would definitely recommend them to my peers as an excellent choice - whether it be a bass player or a singer. I also find them to be very pleasurable in an album-listening scenario. They have a dynamic range capable of interpreting the original intent of the record mix. These are not headphones that would"get in the way" of a wide range of listening experiences. I enjoyed using them in the recording studio as well."

5 Stars


Carlisle, PA


"These are the BEST sounding and most accurate generic fit IEM's available period! Supreme Sound Quality - Not colored, excellent bass response!" 

5 Stars

Don Melnyk

CBS Radio 


"I really like the full fat bottom and clean low mid range of the Spectrum Series G10 ear monitors. The 'thumb impressions' make it really easy to distinguish Left / Right sides and adjust for the perfect seal. I would – and have – recommended these ear pieces for leisure and work applications."

5 Stars

JD DuCrest

Pleasant Shade, TN


"The fitting to my ear is better than any other such device/product I have used. Due to the fit I believe I have a better experience with the sound quality being delivered!"

5 Stars

Bud Rizer

West Chester, PA


"I was super impressed. I spend a decent amount of time on airplanes, and use my laptop or iPad a great deal to pass the time. I don't really like the over-ear style headphones because of their bulkiness, but I like the noise canceling feature. What I really like about the Spectrum was that I didn't feel like I needed it. The clarity was so great."

5 Stars

Dean Kinney

Sturgis, SD


"These ear monitors are without a doubt are the best I have ever own. The music that I listen too is so clear. Just totally enjoyable!! You need to try these...these are little gems are game changers."

5 Stars

Keith Kmecik

Carlisle, PA 


"The G10's turn your head into a concert hall. Beautiful sound with space and dimension."

5 Stars

Eddie Piotrowski

Lahaska, PA

Spectrum Series by Future Sonics in-ear type universal fit professional personal monitors
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